Corporate Events

Although we are commonly referred to as DJ's, we have expertise in areas other than playing music. For example, we are A/V technicians, masters of ceremony, and event planners, to name a few. For simplicity purposes, we will use the term DJ.

Quite often, for the price of an A/V system from a rental company, we can provide you with the system, a technician, set-up, teardown, and delivery.

Corporations can benefit from the expertise of a professional DJ in many ways. We offer A/V systems and technical support at any event, such as team building or corporate training sessions. We do not limit ourselves to renting out A/V equipment. We are dedicated to our clients and want to ensure a trouble-free event. We will stay on site during your meeting to take care of any and all of your A/V needs. Imagine adding character to your meetings by having up- beat Jazz or popular music of your choice at appropriate times such as during breaks, to keep your employees motivated to learn. Some equipment options available to you are:

We also offer our services for other corporate events such as, Christmas parties, picnics, trade shows, retirement parties, and any other occasions. We will work with you to coordinate your event, regardless of the size, with the highest level of professionalism.

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