Reunions are unique in their entertainment needs. Reunions bring people back together who may not have seen each other for many years.Catching up and being able to talk with each other may be more important than dancing for some of the guests. An experienced entertainer can strike a balance throughout the event to keep both talkers and party animals happy.

School reunions require the DJ to provide specific music from your era. Yet, knowing how to incorporate popular music from other years is very important. This is due to the fact that no matter when you graduated, somebody will request The Electric Slide or The Cupid Shuffle.

Family reunions call for the DJ to provide a large music library. However, it is even more important to know when to play grandpas favorite big band tune or knowing if the latest song that the kids want to hear is family friendly.

Many reunions take place over two or more days. Bedgood Entertainment can provide you with entertainment for each phase of your event. As an example, a two night school reunion may be structured this way:

There are many ways to guide the flow of a party. Your input during the pre-event planning session, and the DJ’s expertise at reading the crowd will insure that your guests will have a memorable time.

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